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In March of 2003, sf.Indymedia.org posted a story (submitted by a man, willdoherty.org) about a local march of “Boobies for Ashcroft” (“noting particularly his decision to cover a barebreasted Lady Justice statue with curtains during news conferences at the U.S. Department of Justice building in Washington”), where 40 or so protesters milled about at the San Francisco Federal Building before heading to a bar to supposedly “fraternize” with federal employees. While both men and women were pictured in the article, the three portraits of men were humorous in nature:

1. A man topless, although wearing a stocking cap and blocky sunglasses, stood with a sign asking who was a bigger “boob,” him or Ashcroft
2. A man similarly topless wearing a sheep-head mask with a dollar bill dangling from the mouth
3. A clothed man holding a large Ashcroft effigy in striped prison garb

While there was a large group photograph depicting nine women and two men, only one was deemed worthy of special attention, as per the numerous reader responses:

Those are nice.
by Andy Appreciator

...probably the only protester there who should have been topless.

Nice pair
by nificant

I'd hit it.

Though one anonymous poster posed the question of objectification, it was neatly handled:

answer to question about exploitation of female body
by GrimRC

“And what is this, if not exploiting the female body?”

Exploiting the male body!

While the female protester’s nudity was anything but equivalent (risking far more consequences both socially and legally) to the men’s going without shirts—even as those leftist men are themselves imposing consequences upon those women with their judgments, even that much can be easily forgotten with a disingenuous claim of egalitarianism.

Even conservative pundits, such as the shock-jock Mark Steyn, weighed in on this phenomenon:

“Even more telling than the human shields scramming out of town is the alarming failure of recent ‘naked protests’ to get naked. Many of my fellow warmongers have mocked the nude protests mounted by the women of California’s Marin County, cruelly pointing out that many of the bits on show are excessively flabby and saggy. But I’ll take what’s on offer. If we have to have an incoherent, self-loathing ‘peace’ movement, then women showing off their hooters in support of a culture that would stone them to death for showing off their ankles is about as good as it’s gonna get. But, even by the impressive standards of risibility demonstrated by the ‘peace’ movement, has there ever been a sadder ‘naked protest’ than that staged this week by the students of Illinois Wesleyan University? The male ‘nudes for peace’ stood around wearing their boxer shorts and, worse, little white ankle socks and sneakers. C’mon, guys, why so shy about letting us inspect your weapons of mass destruction? According to the Security Council resolution on nude protesting, it’s a material breach to put material over your breech. If you don’t want to take it off, maybe you should skip the naked thing entirely, stay inside and read up on what’s the capital of Saudi Arabia.”

—Richard Leader


A Gallery For “Nude For Peace:
Internet Pornography and the War”


Illustration by Timo Honkasalo



a now censored image from Nudeforpeace.org


a now censored image from Nudeforpeace.org



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