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  Adonis Mirror also welcomes ‘meta-submissions.’

These are essay or articles (that can vary substantially in both length and format) that specifically discuss another work the author has submitted to Adonis Mirror. The meta-submission can be used to talk about the creation of the work (the impetus, the importance, or even the process of constructing it) or reflect new thoughts on the same subject that would be inappropriate to insert into the original text itself (particularly if the work was initially written or published some time ago). Another use is as a vehicle for discussing why the article might have remained unpublished elsewhere or has failed to find a place in other venues; in doing this, remain cognizant of what you do know and can know, this is not an opportunity for slander but honest appraisal of the media industry.


Adonis Mirror is a pro-feminist journal.

While covering subjects related to patriarchal imperialism in its contemporary guise (encompassing issues of gender, ethnicity, and many others), it exists just as much for the critique of Leftist vanities (and atrocities) as men across the political spectrum continue to depend upon each other to remain in power.

Reader feedback is appreciated and can be sent to richleader@yahoo.com

Submissions are welcome at any time as Adonis Mirror publishes continuously: essays, editorials, interviews, book and film reviews are all welcome and authors are not limited by genre or format (music, video, and mixed media can be discussed), only rigorous standards.

While Adonis Mirror does not publish so-called “rants,” neither do we afford more authority to pieces with footnotes than they necessarily deserve.

Anonymous submissions will be disregarded.

Work donated to Adonis Mirror (we are unable to provide financial remuneration) remains copyright the individual authors who retain full rights.

Any inquiries to reprint material must be made to the respective author or artist.

Adonis Mirror reserves publication rights of donated material.

Please send queries to richleader@yahoo.com.

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