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  Anyone interested in what pro-feminist men have done (and have not) should be forced to compile a list of links: the amount of actual content out there is unfortunate. Whether it is the result of men’s cultivated illiteracy—even amongst those privileged white males of academia—or is a sign of general disinterest, whatever factors that might result in this ‘overdetermined’ (as those men of academia are prone to say) phenomenon, it is nevertheless real. Outside of the ever plagiarized checklists on domestic violence, the long lists of links to equally vacuous websites with link lists of their own, and advertisements for subscription-only journals (it being more important for those involved in “men’s studies” to prove the institutional validity of their discipline in the eyes of other males than it is to make a difference by getting their words out to the general public), there is not much when it comes to actual content. All despite the existence of nationwide groups with their boards of directors, expensive membership dues and annual conferences, groups that pay taxes to the military industrial complex in order to be recognized as the groups that they are—or increasingly, were, as most have fallen to pieces—have collectively managed to put out less material than the average teenage girl who self publishes a so-called ‘zine for the entertainment of her friends and circle of peers. In the masculine vernacular of today: Good game, guys.    

Links to Pro-Feminist websites:

Radical Profeminist

XY: men, masculinities and gender politics

Achilles Heel Magazine

Voice Male at the Men’s Resource Center (Archive.org)

Links of express interest:

Oh Brother!

Hustling the Left

A Twenty-Four Hour Truce

Warren Farrell and Incest (Archive.org)

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Questioning Transgender (Archive.org)

Ginmar: With Friends Like These, and Heres How

Male Feminist Unicorns

Feminist resources:

Chicago Women’s Liberation Union Herstory

Feminista! (Archive.org)

Celie's Revenge

Walk With Justice

Said It

What About Our Daughters

On the Issues

Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter: Issues

The Feminist Blog: The First One


Feminist Reprise (Archive.org)

Professional pro-feminist (pro-pro-feminist?) writers and speakers
(inclusion is not necessarily even close to an endorsement):

Rus Funk (currently down)

Stan Goff

Robert Jensen

Alan Johnson

Jackson Katz

Michael Kaufman

Michael Kimmel (currently down)

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